Wild Moth "Self Titled" Demo Ep/Tape 2012

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Deep , powerful and dark Punk/Pop/DC-Hardcore with a Noisy touch thrown in!.Good and driving energetic mid-paced songs with pretty catchy and moving parts.A pleasing and intricate guitar work.The atmosphere generated by their music is a mixture of anguish , passion and sadness.The singer's voice is a bit too much in the background but i really believe that it is a deliberate choice and anyway it gives an original touch to their sound and reinforcing the dark side of their sound!.Quite damn good stuff!. For more details about the band you have to go here

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 14m.
1.Morning Sickness *.* 2.The Spectacle *.* 3.Guilt *.* 4.(How) Nothing Moves *.* 5.Shape

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