The Dedication "Self Titled" Demo 2000

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Shit why i did not get the chance to discover that band the question haunting my mind just after the listening of their demo.They are performing 4 tracks of a lively and catchy as hell melodic PosiCore mixed with a 80's DC Hardcore influence that will grab you and will not let you go!.A cross between Gorilla Biscuits,Uniform Choice,Verbal Assault,Dag Nasty and Rites Of Spring.Vocals are sung with passion and having an Emoish feel and being totally poignant!.
In early 2002 the band released "Youth Murder Anthems" CD/7" EP on the label "Deathwish" and they splitted up in 2003.

********** LINE-UP **********
Rich P. on Vocals *.* Eric M. on Guitar *.* Shaun K. on Guitar
Rory M. on Drums *.* Mike K. on Bass

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 15m
1.Hope For The Worst *.* 2.Amusing Ourselves To Death *.* 3.Knorr Road *.* 4.Broken Man

The Aftermath "Goodbye To Washington" Demo Cdr 2004

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The Aftermath are delivering a solid and tough angry Hardcore having the Old School flavour mixed with a slight NYHC touch.
Raw and aggressive sung vocals.Punchy stuff!.The band released two 7"s out on Grave Mistake Rcds.

Demo : 11 tracks *.* Length : 18m *.* Label : Grave Mistake Rcds
1.Rotten To The Core *.* 2.Look At Us Now *.* 3.What's The Difference *.* 4.Don't Drag It Out *.* 5.Life Of My Own *.* 6.D.T.B *.* 7.DFC Theme Song *.* 8.O.O.C.A *.* 9.Nothing's Gonna Change *.* 10.Sick Of Life *.* 11.Letdown

Malazlar "Abolishing The Borders From Below" Demo Cdr 2008

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Awesome!.I've been totally blowed away by that band!.Shake 80's Swedish HC sound with the 80's Euro HC style(mainly the Italian HC/P bands such as Wretched,Negazione) and add a fine and subtel portion of the 80's US HC(Poison Idea) and the result is an explosive cocktail!.Blasting HC bursting with rage and anger!.Powerful,intense and tight being at times furious and guitars bringing here and there a fine melodic feel to the song's structure.Great stuff!.A band to discover!.
For more info go here

Demo : 11 tracks *.* Length : 21m
1.Think Global Act Local *.* 2.Guneydogu *.* 3.Kapital *.* 4.Tf *.* 5.Mengene *.* 6.062006 *.* 7.Akentinden *.* 8.Saludos A Chiapas *.* 9.Lambda *.* 10.Para Piyasalarinda Bu Hafta *.* 11.Outro