Never Scornful "Self Titled" Demo 1997

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Heavy New School Hardcore mixed with an Emocore feel and bursting with rage and anger!.The music alternates between fast and urgent musical parts and intense and heavy mid tempo ones.All being coupled with furious , tortured and screamed sung vocals being throaty at times!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Nico on Vocals *.* Mathieu on Vocals *.* Manu on Drums *.*
Cedric on Guitar *.* Valdo on Bass

Demo : 7 songs *.* Length : 16m
1.Vermine *.* 2.Blood Follows Blood *.* 3.Act Now *.* 4.Fatality *.* 5.Alone *.* 6.Death Penalty *.* 7.Together

MR. Burns "This Time / Bad Time" Demo 199X

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Dynamic Punk Rock combined with driving parts and with cool tempo changes.Catchy and subtle guitar parts bringing a sweet melodic feel here and there.A bit in the vein of Leatherface.Good Stuff!

********** LINE-UP **********
Knott on Guitar *.* Lars on Bass *.* Tim on Drums *.* Olli on Vocals

Demo : 7 songs *.* Length : 14m
1.Self Pity *.* 2.This Time / Bad Time *.* 3.Short Song *.* 4.Friendship Fake *.* 5.Big Mistake *.* 6.Y.S.F.M.G.L.N *.* 7.Bomb Yourself

Stand Accused "Demonstration" Demo Cdr 2004

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Powerful and intense Hardcore alternating between punchy and energetic mid tempo parts and blasting ones!.Strong and aggressive sung vocals from which emerges a real strength!.I would probably say a mix between Poison Idea and Agnostic Front.Solid stuff!

********** LINE-UP **********
Justin on Drums *.* Ian on Vocals *.* Jimmy on Bass + Guitar

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 6m *.* Label : Explosive Rcds
1.Suspended For The Emergency *.* 2.Cost Of Surviving *.* 3.Oh My God *.* 4.Twenty First Century Patriot

Colombian Necktie "Demo 2010" Demo 2010

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Blasting , brutal , loud and aggressive mid tempo powerful heavy HC mixed with a slight metal touch combined with faster musical parts here and there and having a soft melodic feel orchestrated by a fine guitar work!.Angry , furious and tortured sung vocals. Second track is just awesome ... an explosion of emotion , passion , despair surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere that will reach your heart and soul!.A solid release!.Hope to hear more from that band in the future!.A split release with the band They As In Them is in the works.For more infos about the band you can contact them through this address : Colombian Necktie

********** LINE-UP ***********
Ben D. *.* Juan H. *.* Tim B. *.* Tom K. *.* Lindsey J.

Demo : 3 songs *.* Length : 10m
1.In Your Absence *.* 2.Black Ash *.* 3.Moris Code

PS: Thanks to Juan. :)

Media Children "Slaughter Of The Innocent" Demo 1988

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Driving mid tempo AnarchoPunk having a poetic feel and beautiful musical parts and musically influenced by the mid 80's UK AnarchoPunk scene and in the vein of bands such as The Mob , Alternative , Civilised Society and Anarcha+Poppy.Vocals are sung with passion , emotion and sincerity.Music coming straight from heart!.Catchy as hell!.The band released a 7" on Mass Media Rcds and splitted up around 1992.

********** LINE-UP **********
Tammy on Vocals *.* Jang on Vocals *.* Jayd on Bass *.*
Jayd on Guitar *.* John on Drums

Demo : 11 songs *.* Lenght : 25m
1.Intro *.* 2.All In The Name Of Ignorance *.* 3.Sexism Is A Social Disease *.* 4.Tunnelvision *.* 6.Why?War? (poem) *.* 7.Anti War *.* 8.More Profit To Be Made *.* 9.Hunt Saboteurs Will Never Give Up *.* 10.civilised Beast *.* 11.T.V Youth Day Dreaming Gangs (poem)

Smackhead "Self Titled" Demo 1992

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If i would have to define in one or two words the music delivered by Smackhead it would be rather difficult.They explore various musical styles and they show a real talent into their ability to mix all these styles and offer us a pretty good and well structured music!.First song is a mid tempo lively HC , second is a fucking catchy and moving Reggea song with a Punk feel , next is a groovy HC song with a Funk feel and having kick ass guitar solo part , next one is a driving Instrumental track and latest one is a good Jazzy HC song!.Pretty good stuff!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Andy W. on Guitar *.* Jason P. on Drums *.* K.R on Vocals *.*
Pat G. on Trumpet *.* Al D. on Bass

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 19m
1.What It All Means *.* 2.Treasure *.* 3.And I Feel *.* 4.Hate *.* 5.Gadget *.* 6.Smack Trip

Manner Farm "Self Titled" Demo 1996

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Manner Farm has been formed with members of Gob , Another Joe and from other bands from the same area.Top notch fast moving , frantic and lively PopPunk / Punk Rock with a cool melodic touch.Energy is here and you can fell it growing in you making you wanna jump up and down!.A mix between Crimpshrine , Fifteen , Rancid and Propagandhi!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Ivan on Vocals and Guitar *.* Chris on Bass *.* Happy on Drums

Demo : 8 songs *.* Length : 14m
1.Svein Is Retarded *.* 2.Burned Sober *.* 3.Coercive Tutelage *.* 4.Kleenex Straps *.* 5.Freckled *.* 6.Another Problem *.* 7.Styrofoam Pants *.* 8.Free Housing

Downside "Self Titled" Demo 1993

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Downside are performing an intense & powerful mid tempo heavy New School SExHC coupled with hectic rhythms and a groovy feel and combined with various musical influences you can hear here and there ( emotionnal & melodic feels on the Let It Die's song , a funky bass intro and rap's touch on the track "Sup").All being pretty well mixed and quite attractive!.A cross between World's Collide , Groundwork and Despair.

********** LINE-UP **********
Rob on Vocals *.* Randal on Bass *.* Charlie on Guitar *.* Brian on Drums

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 15m
1.Together *.* 2.Let It Die *.* 3.Salvage *.* 4.Pain In My Eyes *.* 5.Sup?

VA - Hora Cero (1994)

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Another pretty good compilation with bands coming from all around the world.Bands i liked the most are : Vulture Culture (i always took a real pleasure to listen to that band...for sure one of my fave ones!. Brilliant & catchy Punk Rock with kick ass melodies and the marvellous female sung vocals!) , Propagandhi (i always prefered the sound of their demo instead of the one on their record(s)...the bomb!) , Thorazine (Punchy Punk / Rockin'Punk with sweet female sung vocals) , Circular Rubbing Motion (Energetic 80's US HC/P) , Futuro Incierto (catchy speedy melodic Punk Rock) & Noveasno (dynamic Punk Rock!).Good and solid release!.

Bands : 9 *.* Tracks : 22 *.* Length : 60m *.* Label : Z.K Producciones

Band's List : Futuro Incierto *.* 2 Foot Tall Jerk *.* 3.Circular Rubbing Motion *.* 4.CFDL *.* 5.Thorazine *.* 6.Noveasno *.* 7.Propagandhi *.* 8.Sin Nombre Alguno *.* 9.Vulture Culture

Waggle "Who's Who" Demo 1994

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Dynamic and energetic melodic PunkRock delivered with enthusiasm and vitality!.Having some cool and driving guitar parts.A cross between The Descendents , All , LagWagon and N.U.F.A.N.Kind of stuff making you happy for the rest of the day!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Yann S. on Vocals *.* Ti-Cul on Guitar *.* Marcus P. on Bass
Steven B. on Guitar *.* Papousse on Drums

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 15m
1.Jack *.* 2.So So *.* 3.The Institute *.* 4.Quebec Shity *.* 5.Dont You

End On End "Self Titled" Demo 1999

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Whouaaaa!!!!.I've been totally sticked against the wall....End On End are so so good!!!!.Imagine a cross between Gorilla Biscuits , Split Lip , Dag Nasty and 7 Seconds ... it's what i felt about during my first listening!. Punchy , driving & catchy old school SExHC / PosiCore having a slight Emotional DC HC's feel.Fucking driving guitar parts bringing a sweet melodic touch here and there.Wonderful sung vocals!.Songs are performed with a real brio and talent ... Hot stuff!

********** LINE-UP **********
Jeff on Guitar *.* Josh on Bass *.* Phil on Drums *.* Andy on Vocals

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 10m
1.Take Note *.* 2.Absent Minded *.* 3.Powerless *.* 4.Take Control

Union Of Uranus "Backhand" Demo 1994

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I would say : Devastating!.U.O.U are delivering a furious and heavy HC alternating between brutal and crazy fast parts and slower and tough mid tempo parts.Yelled and tortured sung vocals.Heavy and brutal stuff!.The band released several records and if you're interested in knowing more about them here's a link to go : here.

********** LINE-UP **********
Karl *.* Matt *.* Jon *.* Geoff *.* Yannick

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 14m *.* Label : Daybreak Rcds
1.Backhand *.* 2.One Eye Strengthens *.* 3.Weight Of Tomorrow *.* 4.Equilibrate *.* 5.Pressure

Slam Up "Self Titled" Demo 1997

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For sure if that band was from the States they would have been known all over the world and would have been one of the major bands of the International scene!.Totally awesome stuff!.Hot , energetic , catchy and dancing SkaPunk/SkaCore in the vein of bands such as NoFX , Less Than Jake and Propagandhi.Dynamic as fuck ... you cant stop to move your ass all along the listening!. Great talented musicianship!.What can i say more...absolutely great stuff that you will enjoy to play and hear again and again.They have a few records out and if i can give you an advice - grab a copy of any of them!.I got the great chance to see them on stage and believe it was totally hot and crazy!.Probably one of the best bands i used to see on stage!.A real delight!.
Private message : hi to my brother and sister Ariel&Silvana.I love you so much both.Hope to see you again as soon as possible.Love!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Esteban on Vocals *.* Ero J. P. on Guitar *.* Santiago C. on Guitar *.* Claudio A. on Bass
Santiago R. on Drums *.* Cristian V. on Trumpet *.* Martin C. on Sax , Trombonne

Demo : 8 tracks *.* Length : 20m *.* Label : Only One Way Rcds
1.The World They Left *.* 2.Her *.* 3.Punkcism *.* 4.Mom's Lesson *.* 5.Care Yourself *.* 6.Tom & Jerry *.* 7.Rasa Shop *.* 8.Wrong Way


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After a long silence due to various reasons will be back for soon!.