Slam Up "Self Titled" Demo 1997

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For sure if that band was from the States they would have been known all over the world and would have been one of the major bands of the International scene!.Totally awesome stuff!.Hot , energetic , catchy and dancing SkaPunk/SkaCore in the vein of bands such as NoFX , Less Than Jake and Propagandhi.Dynamic as fuck ... you cant stop to move your ass all along the listening!. Great talented musicianship!.What can i say more...absolutely great stuff that you will enjoy to play and hear again and again.They have a few records out and if i can give you an advice - grab a copy of any of them!.I got the great chance to see them on stage and believe it was totally hot and crazy!.Probably one of the best bands i used to see on stage!.A real delight!.
Private message : hi to my brother and sister Ariel&Silvana.I love you so much both.Hope to see you again as soon as possible.Love!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Esteban on Vocals *.* Ero J. P. on Guitar *.* Santiago C. on Guitar *.* Claudio A. on Bass
Santiago R. on Drums *.* Cristian V. on Trumpet *.* Martin C. on Sax , Trombonne

Demo : 8 tracks *.* Length : 20m *.* Label : Only One Way Rcds
1.The World They Left *.* 2.Her *.* 3.Punkcism *.* 4.Mom's Lesson *.* 5.Care Yourself *.* 6.Tom & Jerry *.* 7.Rasa Shop *.* 8.Wrong Way

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