Downside "Self Titled" Demo 1993

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Downside are performing an intense & powerful mid tempo heavy New School SExHC coupled with hectic rhythms and a groovy feel and combined with various musical influences you can hear here and there ( emotionnal & melodic feels on the Let It Die's song , a funky bass intro and rap's touch on the track "Sup").All being pretty well mixed and quite attractive!.A cross between World's Collide , Groundwork and Despair.

********** LINE-UP **********
Rob on Vocals *.* Randal on Bass *.* Charlie on Guitar *.* Brian on Drums

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 15m
1.Together *.* 2.Let It Die *.* 3.Salvage *.* 4.Pain In My Eyes *.* 5.Sup?

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