TOBAIAS "Demo #1" Demo Cdr 2009

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I started to play the first track and immediately i have been sticked against the wall!. Amazing blasting Emocore played quite fast with intensity and strenght coupled with some beautiful quieter parts!.All is pretty well controlled and the vocals are sung with passion and conviction being slightly tortured at times.You have some musical parts with dual sung vocals.
That band might be huge in a near future.They have all the potential to be one of the major bands of the French Emocore Scene!.A cross between Anomie,Fingerprint,L'Invention De Morel and even Amanda Woodward.Time to put a reord out....
For more info you can visit their blog here

********** LINE-UP **********
Ludo R on Guitar *.* Denis S on Drums/Vocals *.* Mathieu M on Vocals *.* Julien G on Bass

Demo : 6 tracks *.* Length : 11m
1.Regarde Nous *.* 2.Les Vautours *.* 3.Tout Soin Est Inutile *.*4.Dur Reveil *.* 5.De La Poudre Aux Yeux *.* 6.Nos Dernieres Minutes

UntilXToday "A Brand New Start" Demo 1997

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Tonic and enthusiastic Old Shool SExHC incorporating powerful and driving mid tempo parts coupled with lively backing vocals and catchy guitar parts!."Violent Change" is my fave song on that demo...cant stop to play it again and again.A cross between Turning Point,7 Seconds,Insted and Good Clean Fun.

********* LINE-UP *********
Matt on Guitar *.* Negative Steve on Vocals *.* Andrew on Bass
Crazy Mike on Guitar *.* Cripple Chris on Drums

Label : Cohesive Force Rcds. *.* Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 10m.
1.Fill The Mold *.* 2.Beyond *.* 3.Until Today *.* 4.Violent Change *.* 5.Straight From The Heart

NickXFury "Demo 04" Demo Cdr 2004

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Excellent urgent Old School SExHC with persuasive sung vocals!.A high energy and intensity emerge from each song played and being at times literally explosive!.Music goes straight to your bain....A cross between Side By Side,Turning Point and Gorilla Biscuits.
The band released a 7Inch on Sike Out and is still available.
For more info you can make a visit here

********** LINE-UP **********
Kenny on Vocals *.* Travis on Guitar *.* Justice on Guitar
Ian on Bass *.* San on Drums

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 6m
1.Intro/Get A Clue *.* 2.Shady *.* 3.Underdog *.* 4.Laughin At You

A Thin Line Fading "Self Titled" Demo 2000

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ATLF are a band from New Jersey and they are delivering a lively,intense and explosive Old School SExHC with urgent and passionate sung vocals.Solid and well-driven guitar parts and adding a slight melodic touch at times.To give you a better idea i would say : a mix between Mouthpiece , Bold and In My Eyes....

********** LINE-UP **********
John D. *.* Ryan E. *.* Jay P. *.* Dave H. *.* Tim D.

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 11m.
1.Neville Chamberlain Was A Chump *.* 2.Holding On To Us *.* 3.Better Than Her *.* 4.Lost In You *.* 5.Forever

Have Heart "Demo 03" Demo Cdr

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Do i really need to present you that band...not sure for those who are into Old School SExHC stuff!.So for those who never heard about that band before...Fast played Old School SExHC bursting with intensity and a fucking well-driven dose of energy!.Urgent sung vocals coupled at times with Youth Crew backing vocals!.Devastating stuff!!!...Their music will hit you right between the eyes!.And all is already here and it was quite easy to predict a good & positive future for the band and we know all what happened!.
For those interested in knowing more about that band you can go here!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Justin *.* Briggs *.* Erie *.* Pat *.* Ryan

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 12m
1.Intro - To Us Fools *.* 2.Lionheart *.* 3.About Fface *.* 4.The Worth *.* 5.More Than Music

Make An Effort "Self Titled" Demo Cdr 2008

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From Seewindel(Austria) M.A.E are delivering an intense Modern / Old School SExHC coupled with explosive musical parts and having solid and powerful sounding guitar.Incisive sung vocals with a slight aggressive feel and mixed with punchy backing vocals here and there.A promising debut!.
For more info contact of the band is here.

********** LINE-UP **********
Michi on Guitar *.* MrRabbit on Bass
Alex on Vocals *.* Tugtales on Drums

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 10m
1.This Is Meaningless *.* 2.You Suck *.* 3.When The Wind Comes Out *.* 4.Alive *.* 5.Aint Place To Stay

Hiszteria "87-89 Demo Comp." Demo 1989

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Here's Hiszteria a classic band from Hungary!.Energetic mid tempo 80's Punk.A bit in the vein of bands such as Dezerter,Abaddon...Vocals are sung with passion and a real punch and a well controlled anger you can feel through the singer's voice here and there!.
For those interested in knowing more about the band here's the link to their homepage.

Demo : 12 tracks *.* Length : 30m
1.Enes Rank Cz A *.* 2.Tamad Vi Keli *.* 3.Elet Elet *.* 4.Rohanas *.* 5.Dog *.* 6.London *.* 7.Kozyomor *.* 8.Vakember *.* 9.Iluziok *.* 10.Robbundst *.* 11.Felek *.* 12.Dog Koncest

VA - Der Eifel Sampler Vol.2 (199X)

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Overall a good & cool sounding compilation tape with mainly Punk and Punkrock bands from Germany.Bands i enjoyed the most are : AM TAG UNTER HULL (with their New-Wave Punk and their track "Warten" is simply awesome!),TRIO BRACK(hot driving melodic Punkrock),TREIBHAUS(Punk incorporating keyboards bringing an original and fine touch),AUTSCH(Punkrock with a slight HC feel),HIGHZUNG(sweet melodic Punkrock) and FRIEBIER(cool energetic Punkrock).

Bands : 13 *.* Tracks : 30 *.* Length : 90m

Band's List : Chainsaw Under Pressure *.* Highzung *.* Freibier *.* Grauer Alltag *.* Hades Thrust *.* Autsch *.* Pogodas *.* Trio Brack *.* Louis Cypher *.* Treibhaus *.* Brain Drain *.* Am Tal Unter Null *.* Die Original Neandertaler

Roadapple "God Damed Demo" Demo 1996

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Driving mid-tempo PopPunk/Punkrock combined with energetic parts.A cross between Cringer,Crimpshrine and Fifteen.Lively and catchy stuff!.The band have a few records out and you can check their homepage here to get more infos about the band.

********** LINE-UP **********
Jeff on Guitar/Vocals *.* Wal on Drums
Jon on Bass

Demo : 7 tracks *.* Length : 14m
1.God Damn Devil *.* 2.Gonner *.* 3.Medecine Ball *.* 4.I'm On Fire *.* 5.Fear Of Hot Dogs *.* 6.Closetfan *.* 7.Friday Night

CHAOTIC END "Beyond The Walls Of Silence" Demo 1991

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Chaotic End from Greece are playing a powerful Crusty HC/P incorporating a slight Metal touch and mixing fast and slower parts with perfection and from which emerges a kind of gloomy atmosphere!.Intense and loud sung vocals!.They released another demo and an LP/CD titled "In Front Of Paranoia".

********** LINE-UP **********
Thanasis on Vocals *.* Alex on Guitar/Vocals
Stefanos on Bass *.* Stefanos on Drums *.* Mitsos on Synth

Demo : 7 tracks *.* Length : 27m
1.Beyond The Walls Of Silence *.* 2.Epitaph For Dead Consiencies *.* 3.I'm Afraid *.* 4.In The Whirlwind Of Life *.* 5.Inner War *.* 6.At The Shadow Of The End *.* 7.Bastards You'll Pay

Deadbeats "The Amazing Deadbeats" Demo 199X

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Dont know so much about that band excepted the fact they're from the USA!.They are delivering a mid tempo driving 77' Punkrock/Rockin' Punk.The guitar's work is pretty well done bringing a fine touch to the musical structure of the songs.Having some kick ass guitar solo parts performed with a certain brio.Would i say a mix between The Dead Boys and The Professionals ... maybe!.Finally it's been a good surprise to discover that band!.

Demo : 4 tracks *.* Length : 14m
1.Borrowed Time *.* 2.What I See *.* 3.Chance *.* 4.Power

No Exit "Self Titled" Demo 199X

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Dynamic Punkrock alternating between mid tempo and faster parts.One of my fave songs is the one titled "Partysong" - a groovy dancing Ska with a punkrock feel."Passenge Of Stranger" is an accoustic song from which emerges a strong emotion you can feel growing in you and having kick ass guitar arrangements!.
The band formed in 1991 and are from Berlin.Several records out and for more details and infos you can visit their homepage here.
********** LINE-UP **********
Rio on Vocals *.* Volker on Drums *.* Christian on Guitar
Mopf on Guitar *.* Suni on Bass

Demo : 12 tracks *.* Length : 30m
1.Bullenparty *.* 2.Kracher'89 *.* 3.Allein *.* 4.Du Kannst Mich Mal *.* 5.Sex,Drugs,Rock 'N' Roll *.* 6.No Way Out *.* 7.Angst & Gewalt *.* 8.Partysong *.* 9.Passenge Of Stranger *.* 10.Remix *.* 11.Toll *.* 12.Ne-Rap(Bonus Track)