No Exit "Self Titled" Demo 199X

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Dynamic Punkrock alternating between mid tempo and faster parts.One of my fave songs is the one titled "Partysong" - a groovy dancing Ska with a punkrock feel."Passenge Of Stranger" is an accoustic song from which emerges a strong emotion you can feel growing in you and having kick ass guitar arrangements!.
The band formed in 1991 and are from Berlin.Several records out and for more details and infos you can visit their homepage here.
********** LINE-UP **********
Rio on Vocals *.* Volker on Drums *.* Christian on Guitar
Mopf on Guitar *.* Suni on Bass

Demo : 12 tracks *.* Length : 30m
1.Bullenparty *.* 2.Kracher'89 *.* 3.Allein *.* 4.Du Kannst Mich Mal *.* 5.Sex,Drugs,Rock 'N' Roll *.* 6.No Way Out *.* 7.Angst & Gewalt *.* 8.Partysong *.* 9.Passenge Of Stranger *.* 10.Remix *.* 11.Toll *.* 12.Ne-Rap(Bonus Track)

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