CHAOTIC END "Beyond The Walls Of Silence" Demo 1991

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Chaotic End from Greece are playing a powerful Crusty HC/P incorporating a slight Metal touch and mixing fast and slower parts with perfection and from which emerges a kind of gloomy atmosphere!.Intense and loud sung vocals!.They released another demo and an LP/CD titled "In Front Of Paranoia".

********** LINE-UP **********
Thanasis on Vocals *.* Alex on Guitar/Vocals
Stefanos on Bass *.* Stefanos on Drums *.* Mitsos on Synth

Demo : 7 tracks *.* Length : 27m
1.Beyond The Walls Of Silence *.* 2.Epitaph For Dead Consiencies *.* 3.I'm Afraid *.* 4.In The Whirlwind Of Life *.* 5.Inner War *.* 6.At The Shadow Of The End *.* 7.Bastards You'll Pay

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