Make An Effort "Self Titled" Demo Cdr 2008

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From Seewindel(Austria) M.A.E are delivering an intense Modern / Old School SExHC coupled with explosive musical parts and having solid and powerful sounding guitar.Incisive sung vocals with a slight aggressive feel and mixed with punchy backing vocals here and there.A promising debut!.
For more info contact of the band is here.

********** LINE-UP **********
Michi on Guitar *.* MrRabbit on Bass
Alex on Vocals *.* Tugtales on Drums

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 10m
1.This Is Meaningless *.* 2.You Suck *.* 3.When The Wind Comes Out *.* 4.Alive *.* 5.Aint Place To Stay

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