UntilXToday "A Brand New Start" Demo 1997

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Tonic and enthusiastic Old Shool SExHC incorporating powerful and driving mid tempo parts coupled with lively backing vocals and catchy guitar parts!."Violent Change" is my fave song on that demo...cant stop to play it again and again.A cross between Turning Point,7 Seconds,Insted and Good Clean Fun.

********* LINE-UP *********
Matt on Guitar *.* Negative Steve on Vocals *.* Andrew on Bass
Crazy Mike on Guitar *.* Cripple Chris on Drums

Label : Cohesive Force Rcds. *.* Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 10m.
1.Fill The Mold *.* 2.Beyond *.* 3.Until Today *.* 4.Violent Change *.* 5.Straight From The Heart

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