On Parade "Demo 2010" Demo 2010

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Fast , raw and nerveous Old School SExHC delivered with energy and intensity!.Having some driving breakdowns here and there and urgent sung vocals with a slight aggressive feel.Good stuff!. For more info about the band check the following link here

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 6m
1.Misunderstanding *.* 2.Stay In Line *.* 3.Insecurities *.* 4.Vicious cycle *.* 5.Leave Me Out

Falling From Summit "Demo 2010" Demo 2010

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One thing you can be sure about in listening to this band is that they explore various musical styles and the other thing is that they are doing it with brio and real talent!.The demo starts with a short and awesome intro and suddendly the next track is bursting into a mid tempo heavy and loud Hardcore / Screamo with dual sung vocals mixing throaty & screaming singings and from which emerge pain and despair!.Next song is in the same vein but with a stronger emotive / passionate feel to it and with the addition of a girl for the vocals parts bringing a sweet melodious touch to the song's structure.The other song is more a Post Hardcore/Rock song with catchy driving parts and a cool / fine guitar work and you will be probably like me touched by the beauty and charm of the girl's voice.Next song is an intense and punchy mid tempo Hardcore song having powerful singalongs.The latest song...i cant stop to listen to it again and again....so beautiful and magic .... i am totally under the spell of the charismatic voice of the female singer!.One of the best bands i got the opportunity to discover this year!. For more info click on the link here

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 18m
1.Intro *.* 2.Work.Consume.Die *.* 3.From Ireland With Love *.* 4.Emptiness And Illusion *.* 5.The Great Punk Rock Swindle *.* 6.Hello

Castbound "Demo" Demo 2010

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Would i say ... Indie meets Emo with a Pop feel ... yes i suppose it should be the right term to give you an insight about how the band sounds like!.Castbound are delivering a catchy and nice music with some soft and poetic moments.Beautiful guitar work and having driving and sweet melodious lines.Quite pleasant and good stuff and for sure those into Indie/Emo stuff should appreciate Castbound!.For more info about the band go here or here

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 17m
1.No Reason Why *.* 2.Midnight Sky *.* 3.Through The Cracks *.* 4.Waste My Time *.* 5.Mile Stretch

FocusedxMinds "Straight Edge Overload" Demo 2010

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Old School SExHC in the vein of bands such as Floorpunch , Y.O.T , Wide Awake with a Negative Approach's feel too.Their music is a subtle mix between urgent , fast and nerveous musical parts and strong and powerful driving breakdowns.Urgent and punchy sung vocals.Intense and solid stuff!.For more info about the band follow the link here or here

Demo : 7 songs *.* Length : 8m
1.Intro/DIY *.* 2.In Store *.* 3.No Satistaction *.* 4.Free Your Thicking *.* 5.I'm Not You *.* 6.A Fraction *.* 7.Now Is The Time

Desensitized "Demo 2010" Demo 2010

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Explosive Old School SExHC!.Fast , tonic and abrasive rhythms combined with driving and punchy breakdowns and good singalongs here and there.Vocals are sung with a slight dose of aggressivity being in perfect osmosis with the music.A mix between Youth Of Today , Wide Awake and Unit Pride.I really do love this band and hope to hear more from them in a near future!.
For more info about the band go here or here

: 6 songs *.* Length : 6m
1.Tickin' Away *.* 2.1121 *.* 3.Vacuous *.* 4.Sinking *.* 5.Bright Future Fading *.* 6.Delusional World