Have Heart "Demo 03" Demo Cdr

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Do i really need to present you that band...not sure for those who are into Old School SExHC stuff!.So for those who never heard about that band before...Fast played Old School SExHC bursting with intensity and a fucking well-driven dose of energy!.Urgent sung vocals coupled at times with Youth Crew backing vocals!.Devastating stuff!!!...Their music will hit you right between the eyes!.And all is already here and it was quite easy to predict a good & positive future for the band and we know all what happened!.
For those interested in knowing more about that band you can go here!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Justin *.* Briggs *.* Erie *.* Pat *.* Ryan

Demo : 5 tracks *.* Length : 12m
1.Intro - To Us Fools *.* 2.Lionheart *.* 3.About Fface *.* 4.The Worth *.* 5.More Than Music

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