Media Children "Slaughter Of The Innocent" Demo 1988

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Driving mid tempo AnarchoPunk having a poetic feel and beautiful musical parts and musically influenced by the mid 80's UK AnarchoPunk scene and in the vein of bands such as The Mob , Alternative , Civilised Society and Anarcha+Poppy.Vocals are sung with passion , emotion and sincerity.Music coming straight from heart!.Catchy as hell!.The band released a 7" on Mass Media Rcds and splitted up around 1992.

********** LINE-UP **********
Tammy on Vocals *.* Jang on Vocals *.* Jayd on Bass *.*
Jayd on Guitar *.* John on Drums

Demo : 11 songs *.* Lenght : 25m
1.Intro *.* 2.All In The Name Of Ignorance *.* 3.Sexism Is A Social Disease *.* 4.Tunnelvision *.* 6.Why?War? (poem) *.* 7.Anti War *.* 8.More Profit To Be Made *.* 9.Hunt Saboteurs Will Never Give Up *.* 10.civilised Beast *.* 11.T.V Youth Day Dreaming Gangs (poem)

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Is this supposed to be downloadable or are you just indexing tracklist and lineups for demos?

Do you have this tape posted anywhere? I played bass and guitar on it and don't have a copy! Please upload. Thanks!

Hi!.I used to be in touch with one of the members of the band so maybe it was you ... it should be quite funny ... send me your email (use the email address registered on the top of the page) and we will talk about that ... Ok. Have fun. JimmY

You were most likely speaking with Jang (Jae) Lee who later went on to bands such as Autonomy and Resist & Exist whom I believe are still active from time to time. He also did the news publication Behind The Walls Of Injustice. - Jason Damage