Colombian Necktie "Demo 2010" Demo 2010

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Blasting , brutal , loud and aggressive mid tempo powerful heavy HC mixed with a slight metal touch combined with faster musical parts here and there and having a soft melodic feel orchestrated by a fine guitar work!.Angry , furious and tortured sung vocals. Second track is just awesome ... an explosion of emotion , passion , despair surrounded by a gloomy atmosphere that will reach your heart and soul!.A solid release!.Hope to hear more from that band in the future!.A split release with the band They As In Them is in the works.For more infos about the band you can contact them through this address : Colombian Necktie

********** LINE-UP ***********
Ben D. *.* Juan H. *.* Tim B. *.* Tom K. *.* Lindsey J.

Demo : 3 songs *.* Length : 10m
1.In Your Absence *.* 2.Black Ash *.* 3.Moris Code

PS: Thanks to Juan. :)

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