Manner Farm "Self Titled" Demo 1996

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Manner Farm has been formed with members of Gob , Another Joe and from other bands from the same area.Top notch fast moving , frantic and lively PopPunk / Punk Rock with a cool melodic touch.Energy is here and you can fell it growing in you making you wanna jump up and down!.A mix between Crimpshrine , Fifteen , Rancid and Propagandhi!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Ivan on Vocals and Guitar *.* Chris on Bass *.* Happy on Drums

Demo : 8 songs *.* Length : 14m
1.Svein Is Retarded *.* 2.Burned Sober *.* 3.Coercive Tutelage *.* 4.Kleenex Straps *.* 5.Freckled *.* 6.Another Problem *.* 7.Styrofoam Pants *.* 8.Free Housing

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this band was the 20th centuries last shot of rock n roll; they took me from 15 to manhood and you never knew what was gonna happen at a show. in the adolescent angst of shithole suburbia, these guys showed us how to step up to cops, nazi skin-head, sihk crack pushers, and even our parents! Happy was a legend, Ivan was a street philosopher, Chris was a double agent hall monitor. Even anyone finds anything of these guys, please post it.

Their 'We Is A Difficult Concept for us' and 'Oppression and Compassion' albums were uploaded, today, by me to YouTube.

Take a step back into the past with some hard hitting punk rock.