Malazlar "Abolishing The Borders From Below" Demo Cdr 2008

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Awesome!.I've been totally blowed away by that band!.Shake 80's Swedish HC sound with the 80's Euro HC style(mainly the Italian HC/P bands such as Wretched,Negazione) and add a fine and subtel portion of the 80's US HC(Poison Idea) and the result is an explosive cocktail!.Blasting HC bursting with rage and anger!.Powerful,intense and tight being at times furious and guitars bringing here and there a fine melodic feel to the song's structure.Great stuff!.A band to discover!.
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Demo : 11 tracks *.* Length : 21m
1.Think Global Act Local *.* 2.Guneydogu *.* 3.Kapital *.* 4.Tf *.* 5.Mengene *.* 6.062006 *.* 7.Akentinden *.* 8.Saludos A Chiapas *.* 9.Lambda *.* 10.Para Piyasalarinda Bu Hafta *.* 11.Outro

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