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Violation "The Raptor Pope" Lp - 2012

Blasting , hyperactive and nerveous as hell Hardcore / Punk songs with an incredible burst of energy and played quite fast that wont give you a second to take a breath.There is a hot moving SkaPunk song too.Raging and angry sung vocals alternating with hard hitting dual male singing parts.Fucking hot and explosive stuff.Highly recommended!.

LP : 13 songs *.* Length : 34m.
1.Reruns *.* 2.Clear *.* 3.Your Existence *.* 4.Alternate World *.* 5.Oblivion *.* 6.Jamais Vu *.* 7.Sponge *.* 8.Detox *.* 9.Rolled Bills *.* 10.Retox *.* 11.Be A Winner *.* 12.Our Disease *.* 13.Endless Smiles

So the band offer you their Lp for free and you have just to go here and for those interested in knowing more about Violation you have to go here

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