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Jet Set Sail "Self Titled" 2011

Jet Set Sail are performing a quite catchy and driving Emo like it used to be played into the 90's and in the vein of bands such as Brandtson , Promise Rings , Braid , Jets To Brazil.Rhythm of the songs is quite captivating filled with emotion and sensibility coupled with very pleasing , charming and moving combined parts , nice harmonies and intricate and tuneful guitar lines.If you are looking for a good Emo band Jet Set Sail is the one you have to discover and listen to!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Anthony *.* Matt *.* Mike

Songs : 10 *.* Length : 27m.
1.Never Knows Best *.* 2.Up And Over And Over And Over *.* 3.When I Was In Hell *.* 4.Fred Saids *.* 5.Friends *.* 6.Plain White *.* 7.Plain Sight *.* 8.Not From Brooklyn *.* 9.Back Dog Side Dog *.* 10.Tails Out

So the band offer you their album for free and for those interested it is here and if you want to know more about the band you have to go here and here

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