Miss My Cchance "Jump The Gun" Demo 2012

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Old School SExHC with quite interesting dual male sung vocals at times.Vocals are sung with persuasion and strength.Good driving mid-paced parts mixed with fast passages and combined with good breakdowns here and there.The song titled "The heming way out" is my fave one with pretty goo and attractive twists and turns.Good stuff!.For more details about the band you have to go here and here

********** LINE-UP **********
Matt on Vocals *.* Thomas on Guitar *.* Andrew on Bass
Sal on Drums *.* James on Guitar

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 7m.
1.Miss My Chance *.* 2.The Right Hand Of Hades *.* 3.Rope Burn (An Ode To The Ocean) *.* 4.Grave Robbers *.* 5.The Hemig Way Out

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