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Joyride! "I Think You're Doint It Wrong" 10 songs - 2011

Melodic PopPunk / Punkrock with the 90's sound touch and coupled with catchy female sung vocals.At times remindsme a bit Bambix!.Overall sweet and good moving and lively songs with pleasing rhythmic.Good stuff!

Songs : 10 *.* Length : 20m.
1.I know You Are But What I Am *.* 2.Geography Lessons *.* 3.Potential Ways Of Leaving *.* 4.Eugene Hates Coffee *.* 5.In The Mirror *.* 6.Search Party *.* 7.Conspiracy Theory *.* 8.Driftaway *.* 9.Straight Thru The Heart *.* 10.Something For Someone

So the band offer you their stuff for free and for those interested you have just to go here

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