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StageFright "Act I" - 2011

Great and awesome Hardcore / Punk influenced by the 80's scene sound and bands i thought about are The Adolescents , Toxic Reasons , Angry Samoans ... Whouaa ... their music is simply amazing!.Songs are quite well structured and appealling as hell with tonic , lively parts mixed with inticate and original arrangements.Extremely moving songs with a good amount of energy and freshness!.One of my favorite bands of the moment!.

Tracks : 5 songs *.* Length : 10m.
1.Hatesick *.* 2.The Friends Dont Always Justify The Means *.* 3.Everyday Is Like Monday *.* 4.Word Attack *.* 5.Dawn Of The Debt

So the band offer you their stuff for free and for those interested you have to click here and for those interested in knowing more about the band it is here

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