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The Whoopas Girls "All For Nothing" - 2011

Emo PopPunk / Punkrock with the 90's sound touch!. Imagine a cross between Jawbreaker , J-Church and Hot Water Music!.Their music is quite appealing and lively with catchy , groovy and driving parts , delicious melodic overtone , sweet harmonies!.Dynamic and nice tuneful guitar lines and poignant , passionate sung vocals.Yeah pretty cool stuff!.

Tracks : 6 songs *.* Length : 15m.
1.Eric Schwab *.* 2.Theme Song *.* 3.Scouts Honor Club Remix *.* 4.Happy Belated Birthday *.* 5.Bubble *.* 6.Chip's Honor

So if you are interested in listening to the Woopas Girls's stuff they offer their stuff for free here and for those interested in knowing more about them it is here and here

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