Time Out Now "Demo 2011" Demo 2011

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Are you ready for your dose of melodic stuff?.So Time Out Now is the band you have to listen to today!.Driving and fast moving melodic Punkrock / Hardcore.Vocals are sung with passion and strength and coupled with punchy backup vocals.Tight melodic riffs , cool tempo changes and lots of catchy hooks.Energy is here and their music is dynamic and powerful and will make you tap your feet to the beat!.Solid and pretty good stuff!.For more details about the band here's the link so go here

********** LINE-UP **********
Robert on Guitar *.* Karsten on Drums
Michael on Vocals & Guitar *.* Oliver on Bass & Vocals

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 12m
1.Daily Routine *.* 2.Getting Caught Getting Stuck *.* 3.A Fag End Requires A Kickoff *.* 4.T.U.G.A *.* 5.Hankies To Heaven

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