Korova "Demonstration #7089" Demo + Live Tape 2010

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Blasting and devastating stuff here!.Korova are playing a crazy HC bursting with a high dose of anger , rage and fury!.Hard hitting sung vocals with an aggressive feel.At times their sound is quite disturbing...in the good sense of the term...probably due to the somber , violent and tortured atmosphere created by their music. Their sound is raw and thick.Fast played songs with a chaotic feel and mixed with intense and heavy mid tempo parts and well orchestred tempo changes.On the B-Side the band got the great idea to offer us songs recorded live during one of their gigs and so a good way to get an insight about what the band is / sounds like on stage...total and pure Hardcore!.Grab a copy of the tape - sure you wont regret it!.For more details about the band you can go here , here and finally here too!.Ian did an excellent and interesting interview with Noisecreep and i recommend you to read it ... link here

********** LINE-UP **********
Chad *.* Ian *.* Jamie *.* Kayhan

Tape : 9 songs *.* Length : 18m
1.Women Of Sophistication *.* 2.Magnets *.* 3.Shareholders Meeting *.* 4.Prophet With An Eye *.* 5.Clockwork (live) *.* 6.Degrassi Fight Music (live) *.* 7.Running In Circles (live) *.* 8.Behind This Tongue (live) *.* 9.My Vietnam (live)

Thx to Ian :)

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