Ashes Of American Flag "Demo 2010" Demo 2010

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Wow was the first word that came in mind when i listening to this!.Fucking awesome Screaming Hardcore with Punk roots.Songs are bursting with power , intensity and energy and will stick you against the wall!.An explosion of fast rhythms mixed with strong mid tempo parts and breakdowns.Guitar's work is absolutely brilliant : solid and driving and bringing also a sweet melodic overtone through fine guitar's lines.Screaming sung vocals filled with rage and strength.A music performed with a real brio and passion.Great stuff!.Want to hear more from them ... right now!.For more info about the band go here or here

********** LINE-UP **********
Eric *.* Miguel *.* Morgan *.* Scott

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 8m *.* Label : Heart In Hand Rcds (link here)
1.Winter *.* 2.Off Track *.* 3.Intro *.* 4.Sink Or Swim *.* 5.Nails In My Coffin

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