Reflection "Strength To Overcome" Lp Tape 2010

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It's cool to hear that ther're still and always bands keeping the spirit of the Old School SExHC sound still alive!.To give you an insight about what the band sounds like , imagine a cross between Youth Of Today , Uniform Choice , Project X , Alone In A Crowd & Turning Point!.13 tracks of pure Old School SExHC performed with passion , sincerity and spirit!.Urgent , powerful and intense musical parts mixed with driving and punchy breakdowns and having Youth Crew back up vocals here and there.Vocals are sung with conviction and strength with a well dosed touch of aggressivity. Intros of some of the songs are totally awesome...having a deep groove and punch...kind of intros taking the entire control of your body!.I can't imagine the band without a piece of vinyl out if you run a label you know what you have to do!.For others i recommend you to discover that band and sure you wont regret it!.Great band!.For more infos about Reflection you can go here and there.

********** LINE-UP **********
Moreno on Bass *.* TH on Guitar *.* Mark on Vocals *.* Tony on Drums

Tape : 13 songs *.* Length : 20m *.* Label : Reason Records (link here)
1.The Loss *.* 2.Matter Of Fact *.* 3.Steps Back *.* 4.In The End *.* 5.Burning Line *.* 6.Keeping Alive *.* 7.Atonement *.* 8.Forced By Life *.* 9.Not The Same *.* 10.Learning From The Past *.* 11.Plastic Consumption *.* 12.Song Of Separation *.* 13.Can't Commit

PS:Thx to Tim :)

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