Blown Away "Demo 2k1" Demo 2001

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Nerveous and unstopable explosive Hardcore bursting with a high dose of intensity and anger!.Fast rhythms mixed with punchy and loud mid tempo parts and with a slight heavy feel.You can even hear a slight and subtle melodic feel emerging here and there delivered by a fine guitar's work.Raging and aggressive sung vocals.Well done and well played....a good dose of pure Hardcore!.

********** LINE-UP **********
Zack on Guitar *.* Josh on Vocals *.* Ryan on Drums
Dominic on Bass *.* Jason on Guitar

Demo : 6 songs *.* Length : 11m
1.Searchers *.* 2.Values Axed *.* 3.Overwhelmed *.* 4.Darkness Of Lives *.* 5.Times Are Good *.* 6.Written In Stone

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