Force Of Change "Break Through" Demo 1998

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Force Of Change play a quite good strong and powerful Old School SExHC à la Youth Of Today , Judge , Floorpunch and Strife!.Their sound is compact and solid.Intense and fast rhythms crossed with punchy slower parts and a slight heavy feel here and there.Driven and killer breakdowns with a mosh touch at times and Youth Crew backup vocals.There's some cool fucking guitar leads in there. Urgent sung vocals with an angry feel.Pretty good stuff!

********** LINE-UP **********
Niko on Vocals *.* Dirk on Guitar
Daniel on Drums *.* Phil on Bass

Demo : 9 songs *.* Length : 18m *.* Label : School Bust Rcds
1.Pride *.* 2.For A Change *.* 3.I Remember *.* 4.Breach Of Faith *.* 5.Conviction *.* 6.I Should Try *.* 7.Course Of Denial *.* 8.Be Proud (Of What You Are) *.* 9.Bring It Back

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Is this Force of Change for download ? You have a link ?