Poison Bar "Mutated Liquidators" - 2012

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Lets go!.Hey are you ready to shake and move your body like a fool?.So push the button and enjoy the Poison Bar's music!.Hot lively , dynamic and crazy Psychobilly / Rockabilly with a fine Blues feel at times and filled with an incredible energy and vitality that you will feel growing in you song after song...Great stuff!. For more details about the band simple it is here or here.

Tracks : 14 songs *.* Length :37m.

Tracks : 1.Thunderbird *.* 2.Get The Fuck Out Of Here Boogie *.* 3.Midget The Killer *.* 4.Моя люба *.* 5.Special Can *.* 6.The Shooter *.* 7.Чому мені так зле *.* 8.Insomnia Part I *.* 9.Insomnia Part II *.* 10.April 1986 *.* 11.Crazy Rockabilly *.* 12.Fuck Off My Grave *.* 13.Thunderbird Strikes Back *.* 14.Underground

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