Negation "Weak Artifact" Tape - 2013

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Negation are performing a quite captivating Post-Punk mixed with the Anarchopunk vibe.Reminds me a bit some UK bands i used to listen to into the 80's!.Somber , desperate , melancholic and oppressive rhythms with weird , discordant parts at times coupled with quite appealing driving guitar lines and male / female duo sharing the vocals parts.Brilliant!.They have another release you should hear too!.For more details abopt the band a click here.

Tape : 7 songs *.* Length : 16m

Tracks : 1.The Weakling *.* 2.The Soul Is The Prison Of The Body *.* 3.Anxiety Song *.* 4.Come In Alone / The Runaway *.* 5.I Deserve An Explanation *.* 6.Son Of No One *.* 7.Hype Machine

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