Brimstone "The Brimston'Five" Demo - 2014

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Fucking awesome...A must have for all the lovers of the 90's Old School/New School Hardcore !.Intense , tonic and groovy mid-paced songs varying the rhythms with a real subtility coupled with exciting heavy driving parts and a solid guitar work.Urgent , fervent and poignant sung vocals.7 songs performed with spirit and conviction!.An impressive demo.For more details about the band it is here.

Demo : 7 songs *.* Lenght : 19m.

Tracks : 1.The Tide *.* 2.Hands Of Hatred *.* 3.Sick Fallacy *.* 4.While The Pike Returns *.* 5.Think Again *.* 6.Better Deal *.* 7.Leaf

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