Debeli Precjednik - Fat Prezident "Through The Eyes Of The Innocent" - 2006

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If you are looking for a good record for the weekend i particularly recommend you to hear the Debili Precjednik's album.Their music is inspired by the 90's Punkrock sound mixed with Hardcore and even Emo hints and in the vein of bands such as Pennywise , No Use For A Name , Strung Out , Alkaline Trio.The result is an extremelly catchy and appealing melodic music with sweet melodies and filled with a good amount of energy , enthusiasm and passion. The band show off their abilities to write great songs and offering us a brilliant record!.For more details about the band you have to go here.

Tracks : 12 songs *.* Length : 34m.

Tracks : 1.Watch Him Fall *.* 2.Waste Of My Time *.* 3.Mouth Full Of Blood *.* 4.Thank You *.* 5.Lajavo Pseto *.* 6.Guilty Conscience *.* 7.Marionette *.* 8.River Of Bodies *.* 9.Burdened *.* 10.World Through Pink Glasses *.* 11.Mala Vida *.* 12.Now I Lose

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