Nuclear Altar "Blessed Ruins" - 2013

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Nuclear Attack are playing a quite cool Hardcore/Punk combined with D-Beat.Loud and powerful driving mid-paced songs filled with energy combined with deep slower part in the beginning of some songs and insicive guitar lines.Somber , strong and vigorous sung vocals in perfect harmony with the music.In the vein of bands  such Discharge , Anti-Cimex , etc..A quite damn good piece of D-Beat!.For more details about the band it is here.

Tracks : 9 songs *.* Length : 15m.

Tracks : 1.Dismal Worship Begins *.* 2.End Of Illusion *.* 3.Seeing Demons Everywhere *.* 4.Crushing Silence *.* 5.Infernal Disappearance *.* 6.The Possibility Of Life's Destruction *.* 7.Gates Forever Closed *.* 8.Blessed Ruins *.* 9.Cries Of Pain

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