Gift From : FATAL BLOW

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Fatal Blow "Rise From Disgrace" 2011

Old School Hardcore / NYHC with the 90's sound vibe and coupled with strong , ferocious and angry sung vocals. Blasting songs bursting with a lot of energy , fury and strenght combined with punchy mid-paced parts with a slight heavy touch at times.A cross between Breakdown , Agnostic Front , Sheer Terror , Madball.10 bullets of pure and solid Hardcore right in your face!.

So the band offer you their recording for free and for those interested you have to go here.

Tracks : 10 songs *.* Length : 19m.
1.Only Reason *.* 2.Running Over You *.* 3.So Much For Nothing *.* 4.What's Wrong With Me *.* 5.Road Of Illusions *.* 6.Rise From Disgrace *.* 7.Sinking Ship *.* 8.Game's Over *.* 9.Give Respect *.* 1.Your Mistake

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