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Agent Attitude "Self Titled" 7Inch - 2011

Explosive old school Hardcore with the 80's sound approach.A cross between Minor Threat , Negative Approach and Spermbirds. Fast played songs with an incredible energy bursting with a good amount of vitality and fervor mixed with cool stop and go parts and kick ass punchy driving breakdowns.Nerveous as hell sung vocals in perfect harmony with the music.Sounds like a classic from the past available now!.A must have!.

So the band offer you their 7Inch for free and for those interested you have to go here.

7Inch : 7 songs *.* Length : 9m.
1.Cant Stand To Stick Around *.* 2.Changed Your Ways *.* 3.Agent Attitude *.* 4.No Control *.* 5.You Dont Worry *.* 6.Got No Brain *.* 7.UA Crew

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