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Declaration "Self Titled" 2010

Hot!.Fucking cool melodic old school Hardcore with the modern sound touch.Imagine a cross between Good Riddance , Ignite , Uniform Choice , Champion and Comeback Kid!.Rhythm of the songs is quite fast bursting with vitality , intensity and fervor coupled with a solid and exciting guitar work bringing a sweet and subtle tuneful touch to the song structure.Punchy , strong and aggressive sung vocals.Highly recommended!.

So the band offer you for free their recording and for those interested you have just to go here.

Tracks : 9 songs *.* Length : 16m.
1.Maintain *.* 2.Values On Sale *.* 3.Remedy *.* 4.Drastic Ways *.* 5.Every Day *.* 6.Wounds To Heal *.* 7.Fists Of Blood *.* 8.Something To Change *.* 9.Departure

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vraiment bien!
le mélange de la grosse voix grasse et des mélodies et parfait