Anti-Corpos "Meninas Para Frente" 2012

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I(ve been totally blowed away by damn good!.A blasting and ripping Hardcore with the old school touch coupled with fervent , tenacious female sung vocals introducing cool spoken vocals parts at times.Songs are played quite fast bursting with a fantastic vitality and fervor mixed with hot driving and hard-hitting breakdowns and introducing an occasional subtle melodic touch. Fucking explosive stuff!.Highly recommended!.For more details you have to go here.

Ep : 6 songs *.* Length : 10m.
1.Apoia Mutua *.* 2.Guerras E Destruicao *.* 3.6 Minutos De Atencao *.* 4.Pro Escolha *.* 5.Meia Boca *.* 6.Alvo Da Loucura

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