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Disparo "Fracasados" Lp - 2012

Disparo are performing a solid and moving Punk with Punkrock sensibilities.Powerful and driving mid-paced songs bursting with energy , conviction and fervor introducing faster parts at times and combined with catchy as hell tuneful guitar lines and solos.Their music is quite attractive and exciting.Punchy and tenacious sung vocals. I loved it!.

So the band offer you their recording for free and for those interested they have to go here.

Lp : 10 songs *.* Length : 21m.
1.No Debes Caer *.* 2.Todo Nada *.* 3.Te He Perdido *.* 4.Porteume El Seu Cap *.* 5.Fracasados *.* 6.Nada Quedara *.* 7.Vivir *.* 8.Vuestro Final *.* 9.Never Surrender *.* 10.Ojos Ensangrentados

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