Just For Kicks "Tapeography" Tape 2012

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Energetic and lively melodic PopPunk / Punkrock with the 90's sound flavour!.Songs are bursting with enthusiasm , happiness and dynamism and filled with catchy melodies that you will hum , sweet harmonies and a fun touch.You can hear an evolution with their sound and with time their music was mostly oriented into a quite driving and beautiful Emoish Punkrock/PopPunk à la Jawbreaker , J-Church.Appealing and moving stuff!.A quite damn cool band i recommend you to discover if you are into 90's stuff!. For more details you have to go here.

Tape : 41 songs *.* Length : 100m. *.* Label : TapesNotBombs.
Oups sorry a bit too lazy today so i wont type the 40 title's songs!.Héhé....

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