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War Charge "Self Titled" Ep - 2012

A quite damn good band!.War Charge are playing a powerful and compact Hardcore combining quite well the New School and Old School sensibilities with even a slight NYHC's feel thrown in!. High-energy mid-paced songs bursting with a good amount of intensity and strenght coupled with fast and puchy parts at times introducing solid driving breakdowns with a slight moshy touch. Strong in your face sung vocals in total harmony with the music and mixed with shooted back-up vocals.Pretty cool guitar work with an heavy feel and generating subtle tuneful lines.A quite impressive band!.

So the band offer you their Ep for free and for those interested you have to go here and to know more about the band it is here.

Ep : 7 songs *.* Length : 16m.
1.War Charge *.* 2.Reality Check *.* 3.Thin Ice *.* 4.B.F.M (Begging For Mercy) *.* 5.Forgive And Forget *.* 6.Out Of Reach *.* 7.Cold

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