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This Is Your Life "Tour Ep" Ep - 2011

I have been quite impressed ... This Is Your Life are a quite damn good Hardcore band!.I would describe their sound as a kind of fusion between the old school Hardcore and modern Hardcore and filled with a sweet subtle melodic touch.Songs are performed with energy , tonicity and strenght combined with a plethora of great driving and tuneful guitar lines and solos.Heartfelt , passionate sung vocals in perfect harmony with the music.Highly recommended!. This Is Your Life are a fucking talented Hardcore band!.

So the band offer you for free their Ep and for those interestec you have to go here and to get more details about the band you have to go here.

Ep : 4 songs *.* Length : 11m.
1.Brace The Door *.* 2.Remnants *.* 3.High Tide *.* 4.Songs Of Experiences

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Hi ! How are you ? You haved post the Loud Girls' demo before this year. So I think this one is for you it's with member of Loud Girls, Gorilla Gripping & co, but more in a post-punk way.