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Tupak Amaru "Fuck The System!!!...And What's Next" Lp - 2010

Tupak Amaru are delivering a quite cool and exciting Punk / Hardcore with a strong AnarchoPunk vibe!.Songs are quite well structured varying the intensities quite well and bursting with tonicity , fervor coupled with catchy driving mid-paced moments and with a subtle nice melodic overtone.Semi-yelled female sung vocals alternating between dual singing and spoken vocals parts.A hot release!.

So the band offer you their Lp for free and for those interested you have to go here and to get more details about the band it is here and here.

LP : 10 songs *.* Length : 26m.
1.Skladani Moozaiki Lasky A Nenaviski *.* 2.Pozlatko *.* 3.Vyhod'me Ho Z Kola Ven *.* 4.Podzim Detstvi *.* 5.Do Rozedranych Ran Se Stale Sype Sul *.* 6.Ktera Revoluce Je Dnes V Akci *.* 7.Neke Cej A Zer , Co Je Ti Servirovano *.* 8.Kouzlo Sladke Nevedomosti *.* 9.Potiadka A Neomezenem Blahobytu *.* 10.Bludny Koren

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