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Brother Bear "Head In The Clouds" Ep - 2010

Passionate Screamo with an a strong EmoCore vibe!.Songs are filled with a quite well-structured mixture of emotion , melancholy , anguish and despair!.In spite of the dark side there is a real beauty that your heart will instantly feel in hearing the songs and mainly generated by sweet , dreamy , clear guitar lines / chords.Extremely enchanting and wonderful!.

For those interested in discovering the band they have to go here and if you are looking for more about them it is here.

Ep : 6 songs *.* Length : 20m.
1.Untitled *.* 2.Dreamcatcher *.* 3.Last Breath *.* 4.Tigerlily *.* 5.Nothing Stays *.* 6.Quiet Steps

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