On Point "Look Me In The Eyes" Demo 2009

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Explosive Old School SExHC sounding like a mix between Uniform Choice , Insted , Floorpunch and with a slight Chain Of Strength's touch!.Pretty well done and executed with pretty good rhythm section and guitar sound.Fast and intense played songs bursting with intensity and urgency and incorporating strong and driving breakdowns and Youth Crew backup vocals here and there.The vocals are sung with conviction and sincerity and mixed with a slight rage's feel.Really solid and passionate music.So if you like Old School SExHC stuff then this will rip yoyr face off!.For more info about the band check the link here

********** LINE-UP *********
Justin on Vocals *.* Joey on Guitar *.* Corey on Bass *.* Paul on Drums

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 7m *.* Label : Brainwreck Rcds
1.Look Me In The Eyes *.* 2.Time Cant Come Back *.* 3.The Positive Force *.* 4.Break Away *.* 5.You're Not Alone

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