Highscore "It's For Real" Demo 1998

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It's never too late ... i just discovered that band and my only regret is that i did not get the opportunity to hear their stuff before because sure i will have bought their releases!.Explosive and urgent old school SExHC.The music is played with a high dose of energy and enthusiasm you will feel growing in you all along your listening.Fast intense songs mixed with kick ass driving and groovy breakdowns and having catchy singalongs.Vocals are sung with strenght and lots of sincerity.A cross between Gorilla Biscuits , Side By Side , Turning Point and Insted.Totally hot!.I have now to see if i can get their stuf.....

********** LINE-UP **********
Matthias on Guitar *.* Sebastian on Vocals *.* Jobst on Guitar *.* Matthias on Bass *.* Volker on Drums

Demo : 10 songs *.* Length : 17m
1.Keep It Together *.* 2.My Life *.* 3.Competition *.* 4.It's Time *.* 5.Fight Song *.* 6.Fuck Off *.* 7.Liar *.* 8.In My Heart *.* 9.Decisions *.* 10.Friendship

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Why do you put up rare stuff you can't download ? This blog is weird, you can't download half the stuff you put up. Just a tease for people that really want to get ahold of this stuff.