Dependency "Demo 09" Demo 2009

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Most of you would talk about Dependency as being a Screamo band ... probably ... but as for me their sound is rather an heavy Hardcore having an EmoCore's flavour and mixed with a Metal touch.The music is intense and frantic at times combined with harmonious passages and with mid tempo and moshy parts.Some subtle tuneful and beautiful guitar parts.Harsh and gravelly sung vocals bursting with rage and tenacity.Anger , rage , passion ... good stuff!.For more info about the band follow the links here and here and finally here

********** LINE-UP **********
Kyle *.* David *.* John Michael *.* Jon *.* Charles

Demo : 3 songs *.* Length : 10m
1.Fragile *.* 2.Ready For Conflict *.* 3.Waves Of Mercy

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