No Spectators "For The Creators" Demo 2009

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If you are sticked into the 80's Hardcore/Punk stuff so you have to listen to No Spectators!.At times the band reminds me Circle Jerks and it's probably due to the similiraties between the voice of their singer and the Keith Morris's voice.You can also think about Black Flag too!.Every song has a driving power combined with hectic rhythms and a good energy.Well played and damn good!.For more details about the band you can visit them here

********** LINE-UP **********
Ditch on Vocals *.* Cameron on Guitar
Ryan Blank on Bass *.* Jeff on Drums

Demo : 4 songs *.* Length : 8m
1.Obsession Repression *.* 2.Bottoms Out *.* 3.Our Needs Are Recession Proof *.* 4.For The Takers

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