The Boston Strangler "Outcast" Demo 2010

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Nerveous and hard-hitting old school Hardcore with a Punk feel to it influenced by the 80's sound and in the vein of bands such as Negative Approach , SSD , Negative FX .It rages from the start to the end of the listening.Harsh sung vocals with a mixture of anger and aggressivity and the voice fit perfectly into the songs.All is extremely well played and done!.Back to the roots ... a true delight!

********** LINE-UP **********
Ban on Vocals *.* Dan on Guitar
Cliff on Guitar *.* Andrew on Bass *.* Justin on Drums

Demo : 5 songs *.* Length : 8m *.* Label : No Way Rcds
1.Outcast *.* 2.If I Was You *.* 3.Hit And Run *.* 4.Never Get It Back *.* 5.The Truth

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