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Ikari "You're (Not) Alone" 2012

Fucking hot!.I have been totally sticked against the wall!. Whouaa .. Ikari are performed a talented and extremely captivating combination between Screamo Hardcore and Post-Hardcore.They combine with a real dexterity intense driving mid-paced parts bursting with an extreme passion and high-energy passages filled with a sweet melodic touch at times.Solid guitar work.Powerful , pignant and slightly screamed sung vocals.A pure and impressive blast of emotion , despair and passion!.A must have!.For more details you have to go here.

Tracks : 7 songs *.* Length : 18m.
1.Mother(Father) *.* 2.Shingi(Kun) *.* 3.Suicide(Note) *.* 4.Robinson(Fairmount) *.* 5.Iruel (Eleventh) *.* 6.Tokyo(Boy) *.* 7.The Disheartening Tale Of Dirt McWacle

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They are absolutely, delicious!