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Maldito Pais "Self Titled" Lp - 2011

Those who are familiar with the 80's Spanish Punk scene will be certainly enthralled by the music performed by Maldito Pais.Hectic and energetic Punk songs full of vitality bursting with spirit and passion filled with catchy rhythms , cool choruses and a subtle melodic touch.Solid and entertaining!.For more details you have to here.

Lp : 10 songs *.* Length : 20m.
1.Todo Acabara *.* 2.No Podras Escapar *.* 3.Soy Un Macarra *.* 4.No Hay Salvacion *.* 5.Huye De Ellos *.* 6.No Quiero Creer *.* 7.No Haran Nada Por Ti *.* 8.Verte Muerto *.* 9.Harto *.* 10.No Cambiare

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